23 Jul 2018 
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 How do I sign up?
 To sign up, please click the Products link on our home page, www.iBoomerang.com, then choose your preferred product or package. Press the 'Add to Cart' button to begin the order process.
 What is my Rep link?
 Your affiliate Rep link has the following look: www.iBoomerang.com/FIRST INITIAL AND LAST NAME. You'd only need to replace FIRST INITIAL AND LAST NAME with your real name. The Rep link will allow you to get commission if someone orders from this link. To
 How do I log into my iBoomerang back office?
 a. Go to www.iBoomerang.com, Click on My Back Office in the upper right corner of the screen. b. Or go to www.my.iBoomerang.com and enter your login information.
 Where do I log onto to get my USABG mail?
 To login to your email, go to www.usabgmail.com and enter your email as the username and the password. By default, the password is set to 082306. You can change this once you login by going to "Options" and "Login".
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