23 Jul 2018 
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 How do I setup a lead vendor in my LEADS CONTROL PANEL?
 Login to your iBoomerang Back Office located at www.MyiBoomerang.com. Then go into your leads control panel and in the leads drop down, setup the lead vender in your account. The lead vender is listed as the "Lead Source". You will also need to give this
 Where do I add a new lead source?
 To add a new lead source, login to your leads control panel and scroll down to the bottom of the page. From there click on the drop-down box which has all the available lead sources in the list. You can choose your lead vendor from this list and add it to
 Which companies work with the automation process?
 To review the companies which will automatically send an email, login to your leads control panel and click on "Lead Source".
 What if I don't see my lead source in the drop down?
 If you do not see your lead vendor in the drop down, please first contact the lead vendor and obtain a copy of a sample email lead and send the sample lead to newleadsource@iboomerang. This will allow iBoomerang to add this lead source for you.
 How do I convert a lead in the Contact Management Tool to a client?
 To convert a lead over to a client you will click on the lead’s name after finding them in the search bar. Once you are looking at the lead’s information you will click 'Convert Lead'. Once you click 'Convert Lead', you will then need to fill out any info
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