13 Nov 2018 
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 How do I create or edit my e-mail signature?
  Make sure you are logged in to your my.iBoomerang.com account.  Click on "MY TOOL SET" on the top black bar. Click on E-mail Marketing +. 
 How do I set up drip marketing in Email Marketing +?
  To set up a drip-marketing campaign (a series of automatic e-mails), first you need to be logged into my.iboomerang.com. From the homepage, click on My Tool Set>E-mail Marketing +. 
 Where do I edit or make a new template in E-mail Marketing +?
 To edit or make a new template, you must be logged into my.iboomerang.com account. Hover over "My Tool Set" and then click on "E-mail Marketing +" from the drop down menu. 
 How do I stop emails from being sent out?
  As long as an email has not been sent out yet, you are able to stop it. Click on your 'History' tab. Click on the 'View Sent E-mail' drop-down menu and select 'View Pending E-mails.'  Here is where all of your pending emails are located. Simply type i
 Why do I get an error when uploading a marketing list?
  There are three formatting rules to follow when importing a marketing list into iBoomerang E-mail Marketing +: 1). Use column 1 and 2 only2). Row 1 has to say NAME and EMAIL only3). The file has to be save as a CSV file(Excel
 How do I add multiple lists in the Volume Marketing Tool?
  To create a marketing list, first you need to be logged in to my.iboomerang.com. Hover over "My Tool Set" and then scroll down and click "Volume Marketing Tool." 
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