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 My teleconference number isn't working
 If you are having a problem dialing into the free teleconference bridge, please have all participants call into 218-936-7930. This number is intended as a back-up phone number only in the case of a bad line, and is not to be used on a regular basis. If th
 Inviting a client to your web conference
 Inviting a client to your web conference You client joins your web conference by clicking on a URL that is unique to your personal web conference. There are a few ways you can share this link with your client: Add Web Conference Lin
 Web Conference Tool System Requirements
  Web Conference Tool System Requirements System requirements differ depending on which of the two methods (program download or web browser) you use to host or join a meeting. The majority of hosts and online schools use the Web Conference Tool
 Why do I hear music when I host/join a session?
 Music is played in sessions that are configured to use the Advanced Teleconferencing or VoIP features while waiting for others to join the session. It is standard for teleconferencing calls so the host and participants know they are connected to the audio
 I get "Data Call Error" when hosting a meeting
  If you receive the message "Data Call Error. Please try again." when hosting a meeting, please upgrade to the latest version of the Web Conference Tool. If you have the latest version of the Web Conference Tool already installed, exiting th
 What happens to my recordings if I downgrade, cancel my account or my account is suspended because my credit card expired/was declined?
  Once your account is canceled and the billing anniversary date is reached, you will no longer be able to play or download your recordings. Because of this, we highly recommend that you download any recordings that you need BEFORE the actual cancellation
 How many guests can I have in my sessions?
  To find out the maximum number of guests that are allowed in each session, go to PREFERENCES > ACCOUNT SETUP in the Web Conference Tool. The number of seats will be displayed in the account seats area. The standard web conference tool is setup for 10
 How do I validate my Web Conference Tool?
  Open the Web Conferencing ToolClick on the purple gears icon in the top-right cornerSelect the Account Setup tabUnder Login Details, enter your User Name and Password.Click "Login"
 How do I host a session?
  Click on the Join button of the room that you want to join from your Rooms List. When you are ready to start hosting your meeting, cli
 How do I find my link to my web conference tool?
 Log into your iBoomerang back office, click ‘Web Conference Tools Details’. Your URL will be located under the ‘Inviting Clients’ section.
 How do I grant someone control on a web conference?
  To grant someone control on a web conference, simply right click on their name in the Participant List, select Grant Control and the participant will have control of the mouse and the keyboard.
 How can I get the web conference on my computer?
 How to Download the Web Conference Tool From the iBoomerang Back Office Log in to the iBoomerang Back Office at my.iboomerang.com Click on "Web Conference Tool" under My Tool Set Click on the app
 How does your Web Conference Tool differ from other similar services?
 Please see our comparison chart located on the Web Conference product page for a side-by-side list of features. In addition, we are constantly adding new features requested by our customers, and our current customers receive all upgrades for free. We also
 How do I send my web conference link to a client?
  To email your web conference link to a prospective client, simply log into your iBoomerang Back Office at my.iboomerang.com. Once you are logged in, you will go to My Tool Set and select Web Conference Tool. Once you are in the web conference area, yo
 How can I view the history of a meeting?
  To locate your web conference history, simply log into your iBoomerang back office at my.iboomerang.com. Once you have logged in you will need to go to "My Tool Set", from there you will click on Web Conference Tool. Once you are in
 How Do I Enable JavaScript in a Browser?
  Enabling JavaScript in a Browser Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options from the menu to open the Internet Options dialog. Click the Security tab on the Internet Options dialog. C
 How much bandwidth does a Web Conference require?
  The bandwidth requirements vary based on the monitor resolution of your computer, the quality you choose to transmit at, and the nature of the application. Generally speaking, any user with an internet connection should be able to participate in a We
 What are the best practices for the host when web conferencing?
  Inviting GuestsEmail the invite to yourself. That way you can save the invite as a draft and re-use it each time you want to host the same access code/meeting. Plus, you will be using an email client you are familiar with that
 Using GP5 to Find the Maximum Number of Guests Allowed in a Meeting
  Using GP5 to Find the Maximum Number of Guests Allowed in a Meeting Open the GP5 program and click the life ring from the toolbar menu. The maximum number of seats in the meeting is displayed at the top of the Support dialog under
 Should I hear a chirp when someone enters the audio conference?
 Yes. For simple notification that someone has entered the audio/video conference you will hear a "beep" or "chirp" sound that signals the entrance of each guest.
 How do Guests Join a Session without using Java?
  Guests can join a GatherPlace session by using any of the following methods:Clicking a link in an email invite that they received from the host. (This method is typically used when a meeting has been planned for a future day and time.) 
 How do I end the Web Conference
  To end a meeting, see the following steps:First, click the Leave button at the top of your web conference
 Do You Have a Mobile App for the Web Conference Tool?
  A mobile app exists via GatherPlace for your clients that want to join a meeting with their iPad. The app offers integrated VoIP audio with shared screen content. Host Requirements:GP5 instal
 How do I Select a Region?
  Crosshair Region Sharing Web Conference Tool version or later utilizes a crosshair region selector to draw regions. This is a new method of region drawing that greatly improves your ability to share multiple sized regions for one or
 Hand Raise in Web Conference Tool
 The Hand Raise feature allows the host to control who can speak and when during a meeting that is configured to use the guest VoIP option. To use the Hand Raise feature the host must use GP5 and the meeting must be configured to "Mute Guests
 Testing the Web Conference Tool
 How Do I Test the Web Conference Tool? Before You Test Make sure your computer meets the System Requirements
 Chat Features of the Web Conference Tool
  What Chat Features Does the Web Conference Tool Offer? There are two flavors of Chat. They are Public and Private Chat.
 Can I stop or pause my conference without ending my meeting?
 Yes. To pause the presentation simply click on the Pause Share Screen button on the GP5 interface.
 Can I Remove a Guest without disrupting the meeting?
 You can easily remove a guest from your meeting. To remove a guest, righ
 How Do I Know Who is Attending my Meetings in GP5?
  iBoomerang displays a Participant list to the Host while the meeting i
 How Do I Change My Speaker Output in GP5?
  How Do I Change My Speaker Output in GP5? There are two ways you can go about changing the speaker a/o microphone preferences. From the GP5 menu, select Audio and then select either Microphone and/
 How do I turn off screen sharing?
  How do I turn off screen sharing? Every meeting that you host, will start with screen sharing turned off. However, if after you have started your meeting and have screen sharing turned on and now need to turn it off, t
 How Do You Save or Print Chat Conversations
  There are two ways that you can save or print Chat conversations, right click anywhere in the Chat area. The easiest way to save or print your Chat conversations is to click on the disk icon as shown in the example below.
 How Can I View the Duration and Meeting Access Code while in a Meeting?
  How Can I View the Duration and Meeting Access Code in GP5 While in a Meeting? There are two ways to view the duration time of your meeting and access code. Please see examples below.
 How do I make my meeting secure so I won't be interrupted?
  How do I make my meeting secure so I won't be interrupted? The Lock/Unlock Meeting icon's purpose is to 'Lock' the meeting much like you would lock a conference room door. While the meeting is locked no additional Guests w
 My guests only see a black screen when I present. How do I correct it?
 If the guests see the mouse cursor moving around on an all black screen,
 The top menu bar is missing on GP5. How do I get it back?
 The top menu bar is missing on GP5. How do I get it back? If the monitor DPI is set to anything other than 100%, the top menu bar will not show the menus. The user can use the double right facing arrows off to the right end of t
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